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This was the very first Birth Story I was asked to document and I absofreakinglutely LOVED every minute of it! I had documented this families first daughter's Newborn session, I photographed their wedding, then their Second daughter's Newborn Session. When they found out they were expecting a third child, they came to me asking if I would feel comfortable documenting their third child's BIRTH, a #teamGreen #Homebirth no less, and it was an immediate, absolutely, 1000% YES, I'd LOVE to! This little lady would go on to completely change my photography path, my passion for capturing such special, intimate, life-changing moments, creating very personal keepsakes, and sharing the option of and normalizing homebirth. With each & every Birth Story I've had the honor of documenting, this being the first, it is constantly increasing my awe of the beauty, grace and badass STRENGTH of the birthing person & women in general. It is Insane what a body is capable of, even when you think you can't handle it, it is not stronger than you, it IS you! This birth Story, the very first I documented, was a YEAR ago this week, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOHEN JAMES & Thank you for being my first Birth Story Babe! <3

(*This is just a small sample from her birth story)

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