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Because not only is a tangible product an amazing keepsake, but lets be real, when I had my son I didn't print ANY pictures until he was about a year old because who has time for that when your trying to keep a newborn alive and your sanity intact! I am more than happy to create keepsakes for you, so you can relax and enjoy bonding with your baby <3


Custom Flash Drive with all digital images from your birth story

If you like to have a backup copy, you can choose to add a custom flash drive with your images!


Professionally printed Photo Album

Because honestly, who has time or energy to organize and create with so much other stuff going on postpartum, let me do it for you! 

An 8x10 10spread (20 page) Album starts at $450. Other sizes also available.



20 4x6 Prints are already included in your Birth package but if youd like to order more - or any enlargements contact me!

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